South County Volleyball Outdoor Tournament Schedule:

        South County outdoor tournament schedule:

6/9 -   grass 2 on 2                                                   Crandall Field

6/30 - Parent/Child and King/Queen of court       Crandall Field

​7/14 - NCAA style team championship (no partner needed to sign up)

​7/16 - South County Beach Tournament              Esker Point, CT

​8/13 - 2 on 2 High School championships           Crandall Field

Summer is here - registration is open!

Girls competitive beach club begins May 24th

Boys competitive beach club begins June 8th

Coed beginner/intermediate beach club starts June 20th

​When you register for one of our summer training clubs, you will receive a new volleyball, uniform shirt, and sand socks!!

Summer Volleyball Camps

South County Sand Camps - info of website

South County Indoor camp -info coming soon and 7/20-23)

JWU summer camp(7/24-7/28)



SC Jrs. Schedules

South County Juniors Volleyball Club