South County Juniors Volleyball Club

Fundraiser opportunities:

​1.  Our Club will participate in a calendar drive this year.  This will be optional for all players to participate in.  Calendars will be sold for $10 each.  100% of the profits will go towards reducing the players club tuition. The more calendars sold, the more money gets raised for each family.  Calendars will be ready to be sold by early December and our drawings take place during the month of February. 

​Our Calendar prizes will consist of donated items and cash prizes.  We will be asking local businesses to donate a prize or cash amount which will be awarded as one of our raffle prizes. If you or someone you know is willing to donate a gift card/gift item/cash, we will help to promote their business by including their name on our website and calendar raffle.  Great exposure to all of our South County Volleyball families and friends.​​  We are just starting to collect donations.  Please contact me at if you are able to secure a donation.